Quality Policy

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The establishment of the Maritech Maritime Training, Studies, & Manning Services, Inc. is the response in realizing the role of training and assessment in achieving COMPETENCE AT THE WORKPLACE, SAFE OPERATION OF SHIPS, and PROTECTION OF THE MARINE ENVIRONMENT.

Maritech conducts approved maritime training courses and assessments in consonance with STCW 1978 as amended including in-house training programs for Operational and Management Level for Marine Engine and Deck Officers. As an organized training and assessment institution, we have defined our training and assessment standards and documented our training and assessment processes and procedures in accordance with the Regulatory Requirements of the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) by the virtue of E.O. 75, and ISO 9001:2015 Standard.

The QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (QMS) MANUAL with the corresponding Course and Assessment Plans shall attest to our commitment keeping in mind the culture of continual improvement for the satisfaction of our clientele.

The management shares the goals and vision of the company in pursuit of EXCELLENCE IN MARITIME TRAINING AND ASSESSMENT. We commit the resources of the Company towards the attainment of the Quality Standard Objectives and Policies.