Maritech is fully-equipped with Special Task Simulator Class-X (STS-X) that features the following high-end Standards of Performance:

  • Own and Target Ship mathematical models with 6 degrees of freedom (6 DOF), offering high fidelity in maneuvering behavior and trajectory accuracy.
  • Mathematical models realistically simulate own ships hydrodynamics in restricted waterways, including shallow water, sheer current and bank effects, as well as, interaction with other ships in motion.
  • Three (3) dimensional visualizations of the ships sides and dock wall during mooring operations, while simultaneously showing the reaction of mooring lines on different stresses.
  • Equipped with Maneuvering Booklets of all types of ships specifically developed in accordance with SOLAS II-1, Reg. 28.3, Resolution A.601(15) and Maritime Safety Committee, MSC 137 (76).

Maritech also houses fully air-conditioned lecture and simulator rooms with main control station, instructor station & mini-stations sufficient to accommodate enough trainee-equipment ratio, thus trainees will gain enough access to the used of simulator in performing every exercise.

  • We comply with MARINA-approved Table of Assessment
  • Using Maritech's state-of-the-art simulation equipment, our trainees in MLC Function 1 and Function 2 are subjected to Practical Assessment in accordance with MARINA sanctions
  • Pursuant to the approved Table of Equivalency, we honor the courses taken by the trainees with other training providers, such as SSBT, BRM/MRM/BTM, Cargo Handling and Care, Stability/Trim/Stresses

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